Crystal Diode

Crystal Diode
Crystal Diode.png
Species / Race Pony (Unicorn)
Born Stable 32
Age 14
Occupation Steel Ranger Initiate (former), Adventurer

Crystal Diode - typically just called Crystal - is a young unicorn filly and initiate of the Fillydelphia chapter of the Steel Rangers.


Crystal is of average size for her age, though of an unusually fit build due to her rigid military upbringing. Her coat, smooth and well-groomed, is a very pale bluish-grey that could be easily mistaken for white. She has a shocking electric blue mane and tail, which tends to poke out from under her garrison cap, against regulation. In contrast to her mane, her eyes are a bright, almost luminous orange.

Considering her age, Crystal may or may not have a cutie mark. However, due to the unusual Steel Ranger custom of wearing clothing at all times, none of the party have ever seen it.


Crystal is a bright, inquisitive young filly, with a love for technical work and problem solving that makes her stand out from her peers. She has a strong sense of morality, and isn't afraid to voice her opinions when pressed - though, it is perhaps unfortunate that her ideas of 'right' and 'wrong' have been heavily influenced by the Steel Rangers and their creed. Despite being raised by her guardians for a life of battle, she has remained relatively sheltered from the true horrors of the Equestrian Wasteland - though she at least knows of them, having spent much of her life training to fight them. As a result, she tends to be more negatively affected by events than her friends, and will typically flee or hide when a fight breaks out.


Crystal is a mechanical and computer prodigy, easily able to keep up with ponies twice her age. In particular, she has a knack for weapons repair and maintenance, having an affinity for the tools of destruction even as she shies away from their use. Despite this, her Steel Ranger upbringing would imply that she must be at least a passable marksmare.