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Species / Race Pony (Unicorn)
Born Limestone 4, 305 EC
Age 33
Family Estoc (Husband), Kris (Daughter), Espadon (Father), Saber (Mother), Dirk (Brother), Kukri (Sister)

Guardsmare (Discharged)

Luna's Personal Student

Guard Sergeant (Discharged)

Luna's Personal Student
Falcata's Cutiemark.png
Defense of Justice

Falcata is a unicorn mare who has served as dedicated servant of the princesses, and particularly Princess Luna, for most of her life. Born in Glitterglen, she was personally present during Nightmare Moon's failed coup, and the ramifications for that day have had long lasting and reaching effects in most of her life. Despite what she experienced, she remains a stalwart pony and devoted servant to her princesses, and strives to live an upstanding life and promote peace.

Life History

As one of Princess Luna's old night guard, Falcata is one of the few ponies alive to have seen Equestria before the events of Nightmare Moon's attempted coup and the far reaching effects it had on history. As a mare living out of her own time, she has had many challenges adjusting and coping with what she left behind.


Born in Glitterglen to a family of unicorns, Falcata's youth was relatively mundane. Her parents Espadon and Saber were gardeners in the city, which provided little wealth beyond what was needed to provide for their three foals. Falcata was the middle foal, with an older brother named Dirk and a younger sister named Kukri, and she got along well with both of her siblings.

As a foal she always struggled to find a place in life, unlike Dirk and Kukri, who quickly gravitated toward smithy work and baking respectively. By the time she was old enough to have her cutie mark, both of her siblings already had theirs and were beginning careers of their own. Falcata bounced from profession to profession in an attempt to discover her destiny, and in the process learned the basics of working metal and cooking. She never felt like either was her calling however, and unwilling to return to the gardening work that had dominated her early years with her parents, she was unsure if she ever would have a purpose.

-Thief stabbing-

After Nightmare Moon

Service Under Luna

Luna's Personal Student


Despite being a unicorn, Falcata jokes on occasion that her build is better suited to an earth pony. She has always been unusually strong for a mare, and it shows in her powerful and toned muscles. During her pregnancy with Kris, she gained some weight as most mares do, which helps some to preserve her femininity.

Blessed with exceptional health, she has a pristine and even coat of chocolate brown. Her mane and tail are dark brown with a cream colored stripe, and she prefers to wear them long and in simple styles. Her eyes are a deep shade of purple. She does work to maintain her appearance, but due to habits ingrained into her during her time serving in the guard, she rarely wears makeup of any sort. Her ears are pierced, but again, she rarely wears earrings.

Falcata's cutiemark is in the form of a shield emblazoned with the scales of justice. She earned her cutiemark after being attacked and nearly killed by a thief when trying to defend an innocent pony, and it symbolizes her defense of justice.

Her profession has had some long lasting deleterious effects on her appearance however. Most obvious are the long and ragged scars on the left side of her chest. When she was younger and before she joined the Glitterglen guard, she was severely wounded by a knife to the chest, and many years later she was again stabbed in the chest by changelings during an attempt to destabilize the zebra tribes. When she wears clothing of any sort, she opts first to mask the scars with sweaters or other shirts before completing any outfit.


As implied by her cutiemark, Falcata has a strong sense of justice and strives hard to promote adherence to the law. Nevertheless, she holds that altruism and kindness are the ultimate virtues to be upheld among ponies, and if forced to choose between the two she believes that ponies come before written rules. She has little patience for deliberate criminals however, and has an intense distaste for anyone who commits violent crimes. Hurting or killing innocents is one of the best ways to kindle her wrath, possibly to extreme levels.

Outside of work, she tries to be a good friend and goes out of her way to help however she can. She enjoys providing things for others, especially cooking, but also likes to make things for others. As a painter and smith, she occasionally makes art for her friends, and even the princess.

Loyalty and devotion are critical to Falcata, and she would never turn her back on her friends, family or charges. This can lead to her worrying about the ponies she cares for at times. As a mother, this sometimes leads to her being a bit overprotective and obsessive about her only foal, but she loves Kris dearly and would do anything in the world for her.