Name Glitterlgen
Status Ended
GM / DM KingStrongbeard
System DF Community Fortress (Freeform)
Former Players Telgin, Khenal, Impending Doom, Dsarker, DVNO, KingStrongbeard, He Who Shall Not Be Named, He Who Shall Also Not Be Named
Current Party Falcata, Khenal, Friesden, Starkey, Otik, Kris, Charity, He Who Shall Not Be named, He Who Shall Also Not Be Named

The game that recruited most of the core players, Glitterglen marks the beginning of a long and eventful history of roleplaying My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.


Glitterglen was a community fortress played in Dwarf Fortress version 0.31.25. Community fortresses are games played in Dwarf Fortress where the players take over the out of game role of various characters in the game. While they have no direct control over events in game, they can respond to those events by writing out their character's reactions to them, frequently in the form of journals summarizing their point of view on various events.

The difference with Glitterglen is that early on in its history, the players began collaboratively roleplaying the events in addition to writing journals. This dramatically increased the depth of the experience and added a lot to the background and events of the game, although it wasn't without its complications.


Taking place in an alternate universe from the cartoon canon, Glitterglen is set over a thousand years before the events of the cartoon. Glitterglen itself was created as a prison colony partly as a punishment for Charity over trumped up charges, established deep in the Failed Jungles and diomedian pony lands. The city began largely underground as a means of gaining rapid security from the hostile environment, but soon after its establishment a watchtower and other above ground structures were erected.