Isolde Hookbill
Species / Race Griffon
Born Hematite 5, 189
Twinclaw Roost
Age 33 (as of 222)
Occupation Prestigious Confederacy Administrator

Isolde is a young adult griffoness and a member of the Prestigious Confederacy, an international merchant guild that trades between most of the sapient species of the regions near Coupledye. In early 222, she set out with a group of nine others to establish Shadytrails, which was to be a trade hub along the southern trade routes. There she hoped to cement her place in the guild while expanding its influence and wealth.

Life History


Early Life

Heh, never thought about this. I never even figured out who her parents were or if she had siblings.

Shadytrails Expedition


She got her wing ripped off by Anarchy at some point because I'm not very creative and because I forgot to bury a dead pony, whose ghost rose and ripped her wing off.


Pretty bog standard for one of Telgin's characters.