Species / Race Pony (Unicorn)
Born none
Age 17
Family none


Bucking Specialist
Title None

Jade is a Unicorn mare, who could kick the ugly out of a Ghoul, as she is known for her strong hind legs. After losing her mother and father, she pulled up stakes and left with Contrail and Ida to start a new life in the recovering wasteland. She is not the type to warm up to anyone fast, but a jealous friend when won.

Life History

Jade was born seventeen years before the start of the story, in the outskirts of Sunburn, where the farms and ranches are. Born to an Earth Pony mare named White Top who was a carrot farmer all her life, and an Earth Pony Stallion named Green Diesel whose past is a little fuzzy, but was a farmer too.

Her family on her dad's side are unknown. Jade grandmother, White Top’s mother was a redeemed raider by the name of Barbed Wire who hitched with the stallion Hempshaw who was the youngest son of twelve others. Barbed Wire was thirty-one when she had White Top, seventeen years later she was fighting a pitched battle with leukemia and soon perished, followed by her effective husband a year later after seeing his foal married off to Green Diesel.

The Unicorn grown up like any foal in the area, but never got to go to the local informal schooling for very long. When she was old enough to help around the farm, she was put to work. However her parents did care for their daughter's education; teaching her math, reading, writing and even some magic out of books.

Along with farming, her dad instructed the filly in living off the land, hunting and defending the farm from predators. She showed promise in these areas and everypony thought she was going to get her cutie mark from doing one of these things, but she never did. She did know the foals of the other farmers, but any friendship was short-lived as the filly was more concerned with farm or school work. Not to add that she was a little too rough in games, being a bruiser.

Soon, everypony her age had a cutie mark and this continued on as even younger Ponies then her got their cutie marks. While Pones her age moved on to apprenticeships or whenever counts as higher education in Sunburn, Jade was still a blank flank. That was going to change when a murder killed her folks and she tagged along with Ida and Contrail, the latter helped the mare discover her talent with hurting things with her hooves.


Jade as she is nicknamed, for her ‘mutton fat’ creamy white nephrite coat, with dark jadeite colored mane and tail; eyes are likewise green. She is black under her coat. Her flank were blank for a long while and she was very old for one who had yet to find their SPECIAL talent, but thanks to Contrail, a pair of linked brass horseshoes with a mutfruit in the center now adorn her flank.


Reclusive and shy, Jade prefers for others to stick to their business, and for her to keep to her own. She is distrustful of overly nice or sociable Ponies, having lost her folks to one that took advantage of her family's hospitality. The mare is also extremely critical of Pony society before the balefire bombing, and would claim that the hedonism and consumerism of the age fueled the war.

The Unicorn likes to solve things without violence, but has a hard time saying what she really means and not brave at all when doing the talking, preferring her actions to speak for her. She also holds a fiery temper, which can be stoked when she feels the key friendships in her life are endangered.


Survive, Unarmed Combat, Firearms