Kasimir Longtalons
Species / Race Griffon
Born Oatsfield
Age 51
Family Jacob (Father), Elise (Mother), Liese (Sister), Amalia (Partner), Ida (Daughter)

Talon Mercenary (Retired)


Kasimir Longtalons, often abbreviated to Kaz, is an old griffon and ex Talon mercenary who served for years in Fillydelphia before retiring to a peaceful life.

Life History


Early Life

Talon Company


After joining the NCR in exchange for amnesty for serving in Fillydelphia, Kasimir worked with his partner Amalia as a member of the NCR Airborne for two years. Even before Fillydelphia's destruction, he had grown extremely weary of conflict and the strangling existence of a mercenary and soldier, so he had plans to leave the armed forces at his earliest opportunity. Despite his long friendship with Amalia, who had intentions of staying, he opted to not renew his service for a second tour and had made plans to retire to the nearby town of Sunburn.

Plans changed when Amalia turned up gravid with an egg, which to her testament was his. Unable to continue her service with an egg and soon to be hatched griffawn, Amalia resigned along with Kasimir and the two moved in together.

Work was scarce at first, but Kasimir found that medical skills were in demand and he began assisting the local doctor (Panacea?). Much relieved to finally be on a constructive path in life, he tried to settle in to what he could only imagine was something approaching a common life from before the war. The arrival of his daughter Ida, who he named in the memory of his original partner from Fillydelphia, it even seemed that he might have a real opportunity at a normal life, with a house, a job, and a child. Although the two briefly discussed it, Amalia and he agreed that getting married wasn't important, so the two remained separate despite living together.

As he was soon to find out, being a father was something he was entirely unprepared for, partly from the life he'd experienced and partly from a lack of desire for ever having children. Nevertheless, while he was never very overly affectionate with her, he loved Ida as much as any father should, and became very protective of her. Throughout her young years he made it a point to steer her away from learning too much about the old world, and particularly his and Amalia's part in it. He also tried to keep her near home where he could watch over her, but even under his watchful gaze things didn't always go right, to the point he found himself running her boyfriend Baldur out of town for hurting her.

Letting Ida leave Sunburn ate away at him inside, and he worries often about what might happen to her out in the world. Nevertheless, he ultimately agreed with Amalia that Ida needed to have a chance to grow up, so he simply waits for any opportunity to communicate with her again.



Kasimir is of typical build for a griffon, with dark gray feathers and a graying muddy-brown coat. His beak, claws and wings are an even darker brown, and his eyes are a deep violet.

Years of service in Fillydelphia have left his body battered and worn, and he has multiple gunshot scars marking his body. A long, ragged scar marks his torso. Worst, however, are the MEW burn scars on his wings, which have left his ability to fly cripplingly slow and clumsy.


Already a pessimist, Kasimir turned gloomy and dour after his service in Fillydelphia. The myriad crimes against basic decency and equinity wore down his resolve, leaving him tired and apathetic about most things. A lifetime of insomnia compound this, leaving him depressed and distant. Even to his daughter and partner he often seems robotic and distracted.

Nevertheless, he retains a strong sense of morality, and is quick to defend innocents where he can. His time in Fillydelphia has also left him with a burning hatred for slavers and slavery, and he vehemently opposes it at every opportunity.