Species / Race Pony (Earth)
Born Unknown
Age 35
Family Unknown
Occupation Wuxia
Title Lotus of the Wuxia

Lotus is a character in The Moon Rises, and one of the protagonists of that game.

Life History

Born in one of the twelve minor offset villages of Mt. Takano, Lotus was predetermined by a village wide raffle to defend her home and way of life before she could walk or speak. She was wrested from her mother before the age of two, and by the age of nine she made her first kill when sparring with another student while dosed with training stimulants.


Her scarred coat begins scarlet at the hooves, and then fades quickly to a snow white over the rest of her body. Her mane and tail are a glossy black, and her green eyes have differently-sized pupils.



  • Frighteningly lethal in close quarters combat.
  • Can go hoof to hoof with Falcata in terms of strength and endurance.
  • Can continue fighting while blind, missing a limb, or in the pitch dark.
  • Hard to poison.
  • Cannot be bribed, reasoned, intimidated, or negotiated with.