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Species / Race Pony (Pegasus)
Born Appaloosa
Age 18

Dad: Sheriff Silver Star

Mom: Flower Bonnet
Occupation Diplomat
Title Equestrian Diplomat to Khorvaire

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Life History

The Appleloosan mare's family life was stable, despite being the only filly to a sheriff on a frontier town in the wild south. Her father was good friends and rival to the chief of a local Buffalo tribe.

Her father's competitive nature with his Buffalo friend influenced his filly, causing her to attend local western type sporting events. After a few years of competing at the county fair, coming close or fully winning a few time, Lye found herself qualified for national level. Enjoying mostly the Barrel racing, Dressage, and Showjumping; events she made decent showings in, but never won any ribbons, unless they were larger shows, but then never the top six or three places. She came close in Dressage, being called an 'amateur with potential' from the judges, she more felt like just show fluff to make the winners look good.

Second year of competing in the nationals, the mare's empathic powers comes in full swing. Her shyness and fears got transferred to the fellow participants, while she feed on their confidence. Even having a corona of light spawn around her head. Ponies, being ponies, panicked for a minute or so until somepony in authority organize them. This lid to investigation, pokes and prodded by unicorns, but not fully disqualified for using magic, since it was technically something different. Still, she was told to knock it off, or be disqualified for her unfair influence to her competitors. They felt sorry about keeping her out when she could not control it.

It took a week to suppress her ability, from a light projector screen of her emotions (and that of those around her) to just a halo mood ring. Through that time and a lot after, Lye shunned crowds, school and anyplace with a great many minds full of emotions.

Around two weeks after the incident, she got a letter from Princess Twilight, along with a train ticket to Canterlot. Twilight wanted to talk with her about what happened, and do some tests. Reluctantly going and once there, and after some tests, the Unicorn-Pegasus offered a week to teach the indigo coated mare things that could help control her ability. Over lunch of a daisy and daffodil sandwich and taco salad, Twilight asked if she wanted to become her full time personal student. Declining at first, but after the first week of training she jumped at the idea.

There was some traveling all over Equestria, she even accompanied Twilight to Eberron to sign a treaty or two, and to investigate the Mourning some more. The Pegasus enjoyed her tutelage and adored the Princess. Once they figured out she was strongly empathic, the Princess suggested her learning to be a diplomat. The idea did not sit well with Lye, as being a diplomat was a huge responsibility that she felt above her, not to add that she can be extremely shy. Otherwise, during her time training with Princess Twilight, she adopted a mantle of clarity to suppress and focus her empathic abilities.


Lye is a three foot and two inches tall coltish Pegasus mare weighing in at one-hundred and forty pounds. Under her short indigo coat, her skin is dark gray except for black freckles above her muzzle. On her indigo coat above her muzzle are numerous dark blue freckles in the same spots.

The mare’s untidy red-violet mane is short in the front and long in the back. The Pegasus’s naturally untidy red-violet tail hair is just a bit longer then a draft ponies.

The Pegasus has Majorelle Blue eyes, and her muzzle is short and akin to a stallion’s. Her hooves are Majorelle Blue with much of her coat’s hair suspended half over them.

A cutie mark of a wet majorelle blue eye being clean by a window squeegee rests on each side of her flank.