The Moon Rises

Name The Moon Rises
Status Ongoing
GM / DM Kingstrongbeard
System GURPS (4th Edition)
Current Players DVNO, Convalescence, Impending Doom, Khenal, Salabasama, Telgin.
Former Players Dsarker, Omicega, Psalms
Current Party Emberglow, Falcata, Flittermouse, Kasita, Lotus, Slimjim, Tradewind.

The Moon Rises is a GURPS (4th Edition) high adventure roleplaying campaign, following the adventures of a group of ponies tasked with serving as Princess Luna's personal agents and problem-solvers. A compiled PDF version of the game can be found here, however it is currently a work in progress.



Current Party

Former Party Members

Major Characters

Princess Luna

Secondary and Recurring Characters


Game-Mechanical Information

Optional Rules

  • Hit Locations, including New Hit Locations from Martial Arts (MA 137)
  • Bruised “Knuckles” (MA124)
  • Flesh Wounds, no going “in debt” so if you plan to make use of this rule keep some unspent points around. (BS 417)
  • Buying Success, but since Flesh Wounds are allowed you can't use this for defenses
  • Accumulated Wounds and Bleeding (BS 420)
  • Severe Bleeding and Bandaging Severe Wounds(MA 138)
  • Armor Fatigue, Chinks in Armor, and Harsh Realism: Armour Gaps (LT 101)
  • Sneaking in Armor (LT 103)

House Rules

  • The Extra Effort in combat rules are in effect with the following changes. In order to use one successfully one must first make a roll against Will. If the roll succeeds then the ability works normally. If the roll fails you lose the same FP you would have lost, but don’t get the benefit. (Note if you were attempting a Flurry of Blows you must still make the Rapid Strike you were attempting at the full skill penalty.) On a critical failure on the Will roll you lose the FP, 1 HP (to whatever limb the GM determines is reasonable.) and, (unless the GM waives this due to circumstances) must roll against HT or “pull a muscle” giving a temporary crippling injury to the same limb.
  • Buying Success in combat is limited to a single user per combat, per character.