Wiki To-Do List

Wiki To-do List

General Wiki Tasks

  • Get rid of useless Categories
  • Fix broken images in general
  • Artices listed in "Category:Articles_which_use_infobox_templates_with_no_data_rows" should be fixed. It seems that most of these are ones transferred from the old wiki, which use broken templates. They should be converted to the Template:Infobox_character templates used on this wiki.
  • Articles listed in "Category:Pages with broken file links" should also be fixed. Most are articles form the old wiki whose pictures weren't transferred.
  • Character Sheets! They could be stored on the wiki at secret URLs, and accessible only to users with specified permissions. This will require a few different parts to work correctly, but should be worth the time investment if everyone can be convinced to use it.

-"GM of X" added to UserRights, where X is the game in question. If nested rights are a thing, a GM category with a variable for the game would be preferable. -Some system of keeping files at unknown URLs. Of course, we can generally trust people not to try to guess where others' sheets are stored, but it's better that the temptation isn't there. -A new InfoBox template for the character articles, containing a link to the PDF of the sheet if the viewer is the GM of the game the character exists in.

   -There should probably a way to double-check that the character is in that game. Again, people can generally be trusted not the edit the categories of a certain character to view their sheet, but it should be accounted for as a matter of good design.

-A system connected to the forum's PM system, reminding players to update their sheets at least once per 30 days.

Partially Completed

Content Tasks

Topic-Specific Tasks


  • Long over or not, none of this would likely be here without it. Its main article should be a fairly high priority.

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