Fleeting Quiver

Fleeting Quiver
Fleeting Quiver.png
Species / Race Pony (Pegasus)
Born Cloudsdale
Age 29
Occupation Thunderbolt Archer
Title Private of the Cloudsdale Airforce

Fleeting Quiver, or Fleeting as he is often called, is a private in the Cloudsdale Thunderbolt Archers and member of the expedition team from Equestria into Khorvaire, led by Lye with the goal of establishing a lightning rail for trade between Equestria and the lands of Khorvaire.

Life History


Fleeting is a stallion of few colors, with a black coat and gray-white mane and tail that he keeps tied up in a ponytail. His eyes are a shade of golden orange.

He does spend a surprising amount of time and energy grooming himself however, and he keeps his mane and tail neat and his fetlocks trimmed (although he leaves just a bit of shagginess to maintain a bit of ruggedness). Time out in the field leaves him with few opportunities to tend to his appearance though, much to his displeasure, and he's started to look a bit rough around the edges.

When he's expecting a fight, he usually wears a suit of leather or hide armor, which is light enough to fly in and retain some maneuverability but helps deflect glancing or weak blows.

Fleeting Quiver in his combat gear (left / center) and as a colt (right).



As a loyal soldier in the Cloudsdale Airforce, Fleeting is quick to follow orders from his superiors and never questions their decisions. He is well disciplined too, and holds his ground in a fight despite the confusion and innate skittishness that he struggles with when confronted with the unknown of Khorvaire.

Outside of combat, he's quiet and reserved, preferring to spend time to himself reading or taking care of himself or his equipment. He presents a friendly and polite face when interacting with the others, and does his best to keep his temper in check, even when someone like Shujaa does something annoying or dangerous.